Where does the COVID vaccine campaign in Baton Rouge stand? Here are four key takeaways

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As of Monday, everybody who’s age 16 or older can get a coronavirus vaccine. We took a deep dive into the state’s data to see how the push to get shots in arms is going in Baton Rouge and its surrounding parishes. Here are some of the main takeaways we found:

Some parts of our area are behind the curve

East Baton Rouge Parish has kept pace with the Louisiana average, with 14% of the population vaccinated. West Feliciana Parish is way ahead, with 24% vaccinated.

But 9 of the 12 parishes in our region are behind the state average. In Livingston Parish, for example, only 9.3% of people are vaccinated.

The racial gap is starting to close

State and city leaders have been alarmed by lower vaccination rates in majority-Black areas, and they’ve launched campaigns directly aimed at getting shots to communities of color. 

There’s some evidence that’s working: the racial disparity is smaller among those who have gotten their first vaccine shot than it is among those who have received both shots. 

Now the bigger problem seems to be getting vaccinations to people in rural areas.

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