This bill could make it illegal to hold a phone while driving

in Baton Rouge Round Up

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – A bill could make it illegal for drivers to hold a cellphone in their hands while on the road.

Over in Ascension Parish at the intersection of George Lambert Road and Stringer Bridge Road, there have been 38 crashes in the last six years, some of which ended up being deadly. Parish officials say it’s happening because drivers are not paying attention.

“Nobody really wants to talk about distracted driving if a fatality occurs, nobody wants to say you know what one of my family members lost their life because they wasn’t paying attention to when they were driving,” says James LeBlanc who is the fire chief in Ascension Parish.

LeBlanc started a campaign geared to informing the public on the issues surrounding distracted driving. So far, they put up larger stop signs and even added flashing lights on signs to make them stand out to those behind the wheel.

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