BRAC 2021 priorities: Business recovery, north Baton Rouge investment

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Helping businesses recover from blows dealt by the pandemic and prioritizing north Baton Rouge for investment are among this year’s major priorities for the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. 

BRAC CEO Adam Knapp outlined the agency’s priorities for the year during a lunchtime presentation today to the Baton Rouge Press Club. The agency’s prior five-year plan ended in 2020 “in the midst of the pandemic,” and Knapp says the organization has been unable to write its next long-term strategy, though it plans to start sometime this year. 

“We’re in between one five-year strategy and the need to write another,” Knapp says. “This year is an opportunity for something different. … We have to be asking ourselves, ‘How can we come together?’ Not just after the pandemic, but after a complicated election. Let 2021 be a start for a new Baton Rouge metro.”

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