Baton Rouge business complex consistently without mail

in Baton Rouge Round Up

BATON ROUGE – Tenants at a business complex in Baton Rouge say their mail delivery is nonexistent when their usual mail carrier is off work or reassigned. It’s an issue that predates the pandemic and the latest stint persuaded tenants to contact 2 On Your Side.

“We haven’t gotten mail since Tuesday a week ago,” complex owner Bunky Hughes said.

The business complex in the 12200 block of Industriplex Blvd has 32 units with 24 businesses. Tenant Pam Roy owns a medical supply company and is often waiting on time-sensitive materials.

“It would be very easy for us to have a missed billing deadline for a patient or perhaps we don’t receive the signed physician’s order,” Roy said.

Other tenants are waiting on bills and Hughes is waiting on rent payments.

“I have banknotes we got to pay. I have rent money that’s outstanding,” he said.

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